4 of Swords Legal Matters

Vivien, what do you think of the R 4 of swords as a person returning to work after a suspension? I have read whether an employee will return to work after being fired. The result card was the R 4 of the swords. I don`t have an answer to the reading yet, but I have a feeling that the employee will return to his position. Thoughts? Since the sword costume is related to ideas and mentality in general, Four of Swords may suggest that you stay in the conventional and traditional approach zone of certain situations, but not avoid flexibility and tolerance. Sometimes it is best to deal with issues in the comfort zone and socially accepted values, especially if those issues include a group of people, the law, justice, rights, the legal system, and the public. The swords mounted on the wall behind him are reminiscent of the emotional battles he fought in the past, and the sword below him signals that the fight is over. Three swords hang above him, and the fourth sword is carved in its resting place at the front. In the background, we see stained glass windows depicting a woman and a child. I would say he`s back on his feet in the Five Swords and ready to fight again. Having a mental, maybe legal, battle with someone who is finished. If you have one last thing, you rest before the final. Have you thought about starting a new chapter in your life? Now it`s time to move forward and “reset” completely. Your past doesn`t matter! What is important is what lies ahead.

So I made a broadcast where this card is my “superpower” (with how I use it, what blocks me and how it will develop) and none of the traditional meanings for the 4 of the swords make sense to me. The only thing I can think of is that I meditate to channel spiritual messages. If you spend more time in contemplation, you can successfully ignore the emotional activities and prejudices of others. For now, keep a close eye on internal events. The time for sharing will come later. The “Four of the Swords” tarot card represents the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious. When this card appears in a reading, it seems to indicate that you need to take a step back from the chaos of your life. Hello. I would see that this card is your superpower when it comes to having the ability to meditate on problems and problems to find solutions. Many people cannot go inside and apply powerful analytical processes because their minds are undisciplined and undisciplined. The Character of the Four Swords does not make hasty decisions or jump to conclusions, as so many others do.

He sits with her, sleeps on her, meditates on her and develops a deep understanding. This card also suggests that powerful messages can pass through the dreamtime while you sleep. You will surely be able to solve your own problems. You mention channeling ghost messages, which can be an indication of your intermediate skills or an area you could develop with a little work. It`s also a board of tips, so you can have strengths in this area too. One. Take a break from a situation with a necessary vacation. Listen to what your intuition is telling you and act accordingly. Essentially, the suspension is applied to create a distance between the person involved and the environment in which the incident occurred while the matter is under investigation. Individuals are advised to think seriously about the allegations against them.

In the Four Right of Swords, forced retreat effectively creates this reflective environment. Everyone must recover or accept the behaviour or offence that caused the suspension. And in the Four of Standing Swords, we see how this happens. Does the future look bright? – It is possible if you try to avoid the drama. In this case, we are dealing with a person who is suspended from work. We don`t know why, but if the Four of Swords seems to represent him, standing again or vice versa, it suggests that things must have gone wrong before this suspension was applied. Swords indicate psychological distress, psychological dysfunction, or mental exhaustion that may have led to extreme behavior that could have become very negative. This may have caused the person to do or say something that caused shock, disappointment, and worry. On the other hand, suspension can be a matter of corporate protocol that is applied for the least problem.

During the period of suspension, the employee may be investigated to determine whether or not he or she is guilty. When it comes to love, swords` 4 means “no” in most cases. This means putting someone else on a pedestal while forgetting to make sure your own needs are met. The combination with the magician indicates a long-term relationship in your future. The key interpretation of the Four Swords in this combination is that building oneself as a person will first attract the right partner. The Four Swords can sometimes represent imprisonment or imprisonment. When self-love is such a big part of knowing how to love another person, you can`t afford to neglect yourself at all. Remember to take the time to take care of yourself every day and you will be in the perfect position to meet the person you want to love.


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